Welcome to second grade in room 103 at Monroe Elementary! This year will be filled with many fun experiences for your child. We will create opportunities to build a strong classroom community by working on social and behavioral skills that will assist each child in having a successful year. We will spend a lot of time on reading, writing, and math concepts since they are vital components to each child's future. Health, science, and social studies will also be topics that we learn about, and will enjoy discussing this year. We will read, write, design, do activities, and use tools in individual, partner, and group settings during the year so that we can appeal to the variety of ways that a child learns. Each time we are learning about something we will try hard to set a purpose to why that skill, strategy, or knowledge is important to our lives now, and for the years ahead as well. Please explore the content of this website to use as a tool for learning while your child is in second grade this year. Thank you for letting me be a guide in your child's lifelong journey of learning!smiley