Book Collection
What do I do to remember what I've read? Comprehension...the key to reading. Below are the comprehension strategies taught in 2nd grade. First, the strategy is listed and then some statements our brain might be thinking as we use the strategy. 1. Ask Questions - I wonder..., What if... 2. Make Connections - That reminds me of..., I made a connection when... 3. Visualize - I was able to picture..., I could see... 4. Draw Inferences - I read for clues and figured out... 5. Use Text Structure - I noticed the author used... 6. Determine Importance in Text - I thought ___ was important in this book because... 7. Summarize - This was mostly about... (beginning, middle and end) 8. Monitor Comprehension - When I read____ I realized I didn't understand so I _____