Monroe teachers have identified Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) at each grade level for both reading and math.  These ELOs are a list of the most important concepts and skills that have been identified.

The 3rd grade ELOs are listed below.  These statements are areas of special focus for this school year.


3rd Grade Math ELOs

Collect data to understand and create charts, tables, bar graphs, and line plots.

Add and subtract multi digit numbers.

Solve real-world math problems using addition and subtraction.

Show multiplication and division facts in a variety of ways.

Solve real-world math problems using multiplication and division.

Multiply two or three digit numbers by a one-digit number.

Read and write fractions with words and symbols.

Describe and create geometric shapes.

3rd Grade Reading ELOs

I can use proof from the text to ask and answer questions.

I can retell a fictional story and identify the message/lesson/moral.

I can identify the main idea and supporting details and explain how the details support the main idea.

I can identify how a character's feeling and actions affect what happens in the story.

I can tell how ideas and events in non-fiction are related.

I can tell the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in literature.

I can use strategies to determine word meaning.

I can tell what parts of the text are called and how they are connected.

I can use text features to find information.

I can form and opinion and compare it to those of the authors/narrators/characters.

I can use text structure to tell how ideas are connected.