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Music "Informance" Information for Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 4th grade.
Grades K, 2, and 4 will be presenting April Informances
In-for-mance: an informational performance

Think of an informance like a "mini performance". It will take place during your child's regularly scheduled music class, in the music room. It will showcase what music concepts and skills we work on during the year. Each class will perform their own informance. During an informance students will have the opportunity to model and inform the audience about what we do in music

Music Informance Schedule
Mrs. Schemmel- Wednesday, April 11- 11:55-12:45
Mrs. Substad- Thursday, April 12-  11:55-12:45
Mrs. Shaw- Friday, April 13- 11:55-12:45
Mrs. Hammes- Monday, April 16- 11:55-12:45

2nd Grade:
Ms. Wennes- Thursday, April 12- 8:55-9:45
Mrs. Scruggs- Thursday, April 12- 9:45-10:35
Ms. Hoekstra- Friday, April 13- 8:55-9:45
Mrs. Peters- Monday, April 16- 9:45-10:35

4th Grade:
Mr. Bjork- 10:35-11:25
Wednesday, April 11- Last Names A-L
Wednesday, April 18- Last Names M-Z

Ms. Kaeter- 10:35-11:25
Friday, April 13- Last Names A-K
Friday, April 20- Last Names L-Z

Mr. Blaisdell- 10:35-11:25
Monday, April 16- Last Names A-M
Monday, April 23- Last Names N-Z

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